Drum Machines

This library contains Over 900 high quality drum machine samples recorded at 96kHz / 24Bit and edited and normalized ready to load into your hardware or software sampler. Where appropriate a huge range of settings and variations were captured so you can recreate and further tweak these classics.

Features the following machines:
  • Casio RZ-1
  • MFB-522
  • Oberheim DX
  • Oberheim DX with Digidrums Rock Drums EPROMs
  • Oberheim DX with E-mu Drumulator EPROMs
  • Oberheim DX with Linn LM-1 EPROMs
  • Oberheim DX with LinnDrum EPROMs
  • Roland TR-505
  • Roland TR-606
  • Roland TR-707
  • Sequential Drumtraks
  • Yamaha RX11
Number of wav files: 983
Sample rate / bit depth: 96kHz / 24Bit
Unzipped size: 214 MB

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Here is a demo some of the sounds loaded into a Roland TR-8S